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About Us



   In 1965, our family company stepped in the industry by kicking off battery production in Turkey. As the second generation involved in the management of our company, which continues its production journey with confident steps, we are grateful to our founder, Mr. Erdil Kebabcıoğlu, for his contribution to our industry and national values. Under the leadership of our founder, Mr. Erdil Kebabcıoğlu,  the entire Erdil Team has always attached utmost importance to technology and respecting the environment. Along with all stakeholders, they have prioritized team spirit and common sense. In order to reflect this approach on the prospective years of the company, they have transformed their thoughts into institutionalization and guided us, i.e. the new generation of directors.

    In 1965-1988, when our company set off for its production journey, our company continued its production operations under the brand “LİDER AKÜ”.


    In 1988, we incorporated the brand “ERDİL AKÜ” to our range of brands, in dedication to Mr. Erdil Kebabcıoğlu, the founder of our company. Since then, we have presented this brand as the primary brand of our company.  The key advantage of the 53 years we have left behind in the current competitive global environment over our competitors is the teaching that “happy employees lead to happy customers” and this is the formula of a sustainable and profitable company.

   Happy employee-happy customer and sustainable future are central to our corporate culture.
   Accordingly, we have always blended technology, quality, safety, environment and human values in production in harmony with our core values.


   Today we are happy to produce batteries for light and commercial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles and develop gel battery and solar system products in innovative fields of application and deliver them to our customers.

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