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Our Quality Policy

    With the awareness that we are one of the leading organizations in battery production and technology development, our goal in production and services is to implement high quality practices that will bring the highest customer satisfaction with a sustainable corporate structure. We regard all feedbacks reaching our organization, especially from our customers and employees, as an opportunity for improvement and fulfill the requirements as quickly as possible.

    We ask the opinions of all our stakeholders and harmonize our environment and the quality standards of products with sustainability. We meet the innovation expectations of the industry and the country through our R & D studies and our cooperation with engineering departments of universities.

    The health of our colleagues, occupational health and safety and legislation will always be at the core as an indicator of our reason for existence and our approach to high quality.

  • In our production journey, we commit to:
  • Going beyond customer expectations,
  • Achieving national and international standards and
  • Environmental standards,
  • Carrying out R & D activities,
  • Meeting legislative requirements,
  • Leaving a livable world for our children.

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